Safe Preserving: Using a Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealers have become essential components of the modern household. This is because they are the best pieces of technology designed to preserve foods for you for the longest periods of time while assuring healthy eating and flexibility with better time and money management. The shelf life of your foods will increase significantly while you’ll be able to minimize the frequency of grocery shopping or meal creations. Furthermore, they’re also beneficial in protecting other significant possessions like jewelry, documents, memorabilia, etc. With so many different types in the market, it’s important that you learn to distinguish and select the best vacuum sealers for purchase.



Types of Vacuum Sealers: External Suction versus Chamber

There are two principal types of vacuum sealers in the market, one being the external suction vacuum sealer and the other being the chamber vacuum sealer. These two types of the machine vary in terms of functionality and cost. This presents considerable advantages and disadvantages alternatively in each of the two types of devices.

The external suction vacuum sealers are of the clamp-style with the FoodSaver brand of vacuum sealers being the most acclaimed within the category. These are commonly used for domestic usage as they’re reasonable in price and compact in size. These are easy to handle countertop machines that can be operated effortlessly by positioning suitable vacuum sealing bags in the opening of the machine and then closing down the lid. This allows the device to pull the air directly out of the bag inside a tray through the open end. The disadvantages of this are liquid food products cannot be vacuum sealed and the vacuum sealing bags must be engineered perfectly with the most ideal texture.

The chamber vacuum food saver machines are comparatively more expensive compared to the external suction but not so much if you carefully examine a certain fact. You won’t have to invest in so many expensive customized vacuum sealing bags that are non-reusable when using chamber vacuum sealers as it’s normally required when using external suction vacuum sealers. Another advantage of using the chamber vacuum sealer is that you’ll be able to seal and preserve liquid food products very easily. This is because the machine functions by extracting air from within the chamber of the machine where the food products are positioned. The machine is programmed to next seal the bag through an automatically rising heat bar.

vacuum sealed food

Things to Consider:

Guide to Choosing the Best Vacuum Food Saver Machine

The most significant factors to consider while choosing the best vacuum sealer for you are the cost, motor size, chamber or bag size, thickness of vacuum sealing bags and air flow. The cost of the vacuum sealers is relatively affordable regardless of whether you choose to purchase the external suction or chamber vacuum sealer. When checking out the condition of the motor inside a vacuum sealer, be sure to consider that the greater the number of allocated amps, the stronger and larger the motor would be. The next thing to consider is that the chamber, tank or bag capacity should not require frequent and swift filling. The reason for this is to prevent the vacuum sealer’s efficiency in being reduced.

It’s essential that you select the thickest vacuum sealing bags to increase the durability of your vacuum sealer at a maximum. Furthermore, the thickest bags ensure the most support in providing precise and appropriate sealing. You should also select the brands of vacuum sealing bags and rolls that are from the same brand as your machine. Knowing that the bags always come in various shapes and sizes, you must also opt for the rolls to be of several different shapes and sizes. For example, FoodSaver rolls and bags are the most compatible with the Food Saver machine.

The lift of the vacuum sealer is another important factor to consider before making its purchase. This is of great importance when it comes to wet-dry vacuum sealers. This is because the more air flow there is, the more you’ll save. For domestic use, you’ll want slower units with greater air flow that require fewer expenditures on maintenance. For commercial use, you’ll want faster units for the most number of outputs but they will cost you significantly more.

Other important matters to consider are the following in brief:

  • No risks of overheating with the attachment of ideal cooling system
  • Amount of space occupied by the machine
  • Valid controls for easy machine operating
  • Check whether the machine only performs the function of sealing or the function of air and moisture removal as well
  • Correct or convenient maintenance and packaging requirements are clarified properly

5 of the Best Vacuum Sealers in the Current Market

If you enjoy the flexibility in safely preserving foods through vacuum sealers in correspondence with your freely desired timings, these five of the best vacuum sealers identified within the present market will prove to be the most advantageous for you. They have unique and convenient features to finely accommodate to you varying needs. You’ll find the following food vacuum sealer reviews to be highly beneficial for you before the final purchase of these inventive machines.


FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit, 4800 Series

best food saver sealer

The FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System is the most versatile product within this category. Through this appliance, you’ll be able to swiftly and effortlessly perform sealing of foods and save a lot of your time and money.


  • One starter kit containing two Gal zipper bags, three QT heat-seal bags, one roll of 11″x10′, three QT zipper bags and two Gal heat-seal bags
  • Automatic functioning of bag detection and vacuum sealing
  • Ideal for vacuum sealing containers, canisters, zipper bags and rolls
  • Handheld and retractable function simplifies the unit with fewer attachments for convenience
  • Able to marinate foods in a few minutes
  • Finest sealing function available for both dry foods and moist foods
  • Convenience in storing rolls and bags of variable sizes and shapes
  • Inclusion of bag cutter increases convenience in using this product
  • Dishwasher-safe, removable drip tray for collecting liquid outflows which enhances healthy and safe food consumption

VacMaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

VacMaster VP112

You’ll be able to perfectly preserve liquid food products like soups, marinades, sauces and gravies with the VacMaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer. It performs distinguishingly by employing a unique technology to vacuum the air out of the machine’s chamber and heat seal the foods that are contained within vacuum rolls and bags. This is in contrast to the common external air suctioning system of vacuum sealers mostly available in the market. VacMaster allows air to be drawn out of the whole chamber instead of being drawn out of the just the vacuum sealing bags and rolls like in the cases of the common vacuum sealers. This prevents liquid from being seeping out with the removal of air.


  • Provides 5 times greater freshness in preserving uncooked foods in solid or liquid forms
  • Able to store fishes and meats preventing the release of irritating odor
  • Allows bulk of food storage to support maximum savings
  • Strong and stainless steel made structure for the product’s long lasting advantage
  • Easy to handle digital panel controls
  • Appropriate sealing with vacuum pouch clips
  • Double sealing with 12″ double seal wire and seal bar for finest performance
  • Spacious chamber with dimensions of 12″ in width x 11″ in depth x 5″ in height for speedy and efficient output production
  • High powered machine sized 19.2″ in width x 13″ in depth x 27.5″
  • Able to control pressure within the machine with the pressure indicator for maximum safety in use and high quality results
  • 2 cylinder pumps and a vacuum pump attached for powerful functioning of the machine

Weston Pro-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer

Weston Pro-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer

You’ll be proud to own a superior appliance with a powerful built and LED visibility system like the Weston Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer. You’ll be impressed with the professional results involved with processing wild game and preserving fruits as well as various delicacies.


  • Efficiency in obtaining results with the powerful double piston pump seal bar of 28′ Hg vacuum strength
  • Entirely powerful machine of 935 watts
  • Tough exterior made of stainless steel for ultimate durability
  • Motor based fa cooling to accommodate the longest usage without overheating
  • Guaranteed precision in sealing with extra-wide (5mm) and extra-long (38cm) Teflon seal bars
  • See-through lid for each vacuum roll or bag positioning
  • Optimally functioning of the double-piston vacuum pump
  • Auto mode and manual mode available at personal convenience
  • Entire machine sized 22.5 by 12.25 by 6 inches

FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit

the best product

FoodSaver V2244 is simple to use by following few easy steps. All you would need to do is take a short look though the manual.


  • Starter kit constitutes of an accessory house, 11″x10″ heat sealing roll, two Gallon heat sealing bags and three Quart heat sealing bags
  • Manual operated machine with simplicity in handling
  • Compact in size ensuring convenience
  • Dishwasher-safe, easy to detach components
  • Drip tray to prevent bacteria buildup through liquid discharges
  • Able to marinate foods in the quickest duration
  • CrushFree seal providing instant protection of delicate foods
  • Limited warranty valid for 5 years

FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit

You’ll be enjoying the greatest experience in cooking and storing meals prepared ahead of time. You’ll find more time in your busy schedule for your family and the gain of personal satisfaction.


  • User-friendly functions for easiness in usage
  • Variable speed settings for versatility
  • Removable and easy to clean machine and machine components
  • Extra protection against food preservations