If you feel smart shopping and smart cooking is troublesome despite all the advantages they provide, then use this FoodSaver 4800 review to decrease your hassles while cutting down your weekly grocery bills. You’ll be delighted to know that this product will not only cut down your living costs but will also save your time and energy.

Overview of the FoodSaver 2 in 1 Vacuum Sealing SystemFoodSaver 2 in 1 Vacuum Sealing System

The FoodSaver 2 in 1 Vacuum Sealing System presented by the esteemed company, FoodSaver will be the ideal product for you if you feel pressurized by the constant need to devise plans that incorporate the minimum number of groceries of the cheapest prices. With the FoodSaver 2 in 1, you’ll be able to save a whole lot because you’ll be able to purchase products in bulk. The FoodSaver 2 in 1 will help you overcome the challenges of storing foodstuffs so that they don’t get rotten or become expired as you’ll be able to vacuum seal food products and freeze or store them.


  • Includes a starter kit with 1 roll of 11″x10′, 3 QT heat-sealing bags, 2 Gal heat-sealing bags, 3 QT zip-lock bags and 2 Gal zip-lock bags to preserve food products securely and appropriately
  • Integral manual sealer with retractable features for supreme sealing and food marinating in a very short time
  • Controllable sealing settings of dry and moist foods for suitable preservation of different food types
  • Roll storage with bag cutters to conveniently create perfectly sized preservation bags
  • Easy-to-remove dip tray for easy maintenance of the device and its maximum durability

How the FoodSaver 2 in 1 Vacuum Sealing System Functions Ideally to Bring you All the Benefits?

FoodSaver performs exceedingly well to help you save the precious elements of your life and assures maximum safety through fresh and healthy eating. Your loved ones and you will benefit from this product through the functions of air-tight heat seal, air-tight vacuum zipper bag, instant marinate mode and the preservation of delicate food. This high-tech device will help you preserve food products like various types of cheeses, vegetables, meats, soups, gravies, sauces and marinades. FoodSaver bags and rolls will be there to offer you full control with safe and healthy preservations. As a bonus, you’ll be able to use these bags and rolls for sous vide since they are sous vide-friendly.

Air-tight heat sealing comes into effect through this device by eliminating the air within specifically customized bags. The multi-layer material heat sealing function also provides double assurance that the air will be kept out of the bag. This function also averts freezer burns and is safe to use being BPA free. The air-tight vacuum zipper bags secure the foods furthermore with double zippers. These double zippers keep the air locked out and preserve the freshness internally. These zipper bags can be used frequently when refrigerating foods and pantry items.

With the FoodSaver, you won’t face any difficulties in rapidly marinating food items. Marinating, which usually occupies hours of an individual’s day, will instead take only a few minutes of your time. FoodSaver will seal the freshness of all delicate food items like desserts and fruits. These delicacies can be supremely preserved through the internally built retractable handheld sealer seals.

Compatibility and Easy Maintenance

FoodSaver has been particularly designed to provide you the utmost comfort in using the product with an assurance of easy maintenance. The 2 in 1 feature of the product will allow you to conveniently save and seal quickly. There are components like pull-out drip tray drawers that are easy to remove and safe to use with dishwashers. The machine operates with automatic detection of bags at first and then vacuum sealing them. The machine system works ideally with the appropriate FoodSaver rolls and bags. The single unit machine is compatible for sealing with containers, canisters and zipper bags.

Use this FoodSaver 4800 Review to Seal the Freshness within your Foods
Build Quality10
Ease of Use9.3
9.6Overall Score

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